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Smart Government Innovation LAB

Our Objectives

The Smart LAB provides a platform to connect government departments with the information technology (IT) sector, particularly local start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to help departments leverage on the innovation and technical solutions from the industry to formulate innovative measures for enhancing the quality and efficiency of public services.

CONNECT The Smart LAB gathers business needs of public service delivery by different government departments, and invite innovative ideas and product suggestions from the industry to address different city management challenges; facilitate exchange with the industry to share their technical solutions and success stories, particularly on how the technologies can be effectively adopted for enhancing public services.

INSPIRE The Smart LAB matches service needs of individual government departments with product suggestions of the industry to identify suitable solutions for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of their public services, with a view to assisting departments to formulate innovative and viable measures for addressing their business challenges and operational needs.

CO-CREATE The Smart LAB supports government departments to conduct proof-of-concept and technology testing on innovative solutions for better understanding of their effectiveness and limitations, thus facilitating relevant departments to formulate effective procurement and implementation arrangements. Feedback will also be provided to solution providers to facilitate further development of the products to better cope with user requirements and market needs.

Smart Government Innovation Lab

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Smart Government Innovation Lab (Smart LAB)

  • Established by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in April 2019
  • Aims to promote a Smart Government by facilitating the adoption of innovative information technology solutions in government departments.
  • Located at Level 5, Cyberport 1, Cyberport, Hong Kong. For more details, contact us